Refund Policy

1) If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund or exchange it for something else. Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition your recipient received them and in the original box and/or packaging.

2) Please note that fresh flowers are perishable items. If you have any complaints for a replacement or for a full refund, your complaint must be sent to us within 24 hours after the recipient receives the item. We will then provide replacement new flowers to the recipient. If complaint notification exceeds 24 hours, no refund or replacement flowers will be provided.

3) We are unable to give refunds if we cannot complete an order because of incorrect or incomplete information about the recipient, or if the recipient has changed address and we cannot contact them in any way.

4) In the event that we have tried to deliver the goods to the recipient but cannot find their address, or the address has changed, and we cannot contact the recipient from the given telephone number, we will bring the goods back and keep it at our shop. If you then want us to make a new delivery after being unable to contact the recipient, we can do so at your expense. Fresh flowers are perishable, and will not be in a good enough condition to be re-delivered. If you want us to deliver new flowers to replace them, you will be responsible for the incurred expense, as we cannot absorb this excess cost.
* No refund or a free flowers replacement will be provided in this case. *


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